Please be careful out there!

Ok people… My brother got a being obsessed with ticks I ran down there with my Ziploc & gloves. I found one just crawling on the bed of the Polaris. Once they got it hung..I kept picking and combing. Got home & counted 43 ticks in the bag off 1 deer!!!! I excitedly messaged my friend from the U of IL Holly Tuten and felt something…I HAD 1 CRAWLING ON MY NECK!

So this now turns into your public service announcement!!

If you get a deer and hang it in your shed or garage…as soon as that deer’s blood starts cooling…TICKS DROP OFF… ALIVE….and are now crawling around said structure waiting for their next blood meal… I had Aaron Struble put a sheet down under the deer that I sprayed with Permetherin and we reuse it. So if a tick falls on the sheet it will die.

So wear clothes treated in Permetherin. If you are going to collect ticks WEAR gloves..there is always a risk touch these nasty little creatures.

And ALWAYS check for ticks!!!

Can’t wait to find out what these guys are…even found some weird looking ones!!