The Hog Raffle was supposed to be tonight – we have postponed it to tomorrow night.  We are still trying to collect tickets and money from all those who have sold.  Also, we thought it would be fun to let 2 of our little Lyme Warriors do the drawing themselves.  So tomorrow night at our regular Lyme Support Meeting, Lauryn and Violet will do the drawing and we will do it on Facebook Live.  I apologize for the day delay but we had a lot of people sell tickets and getting to everyone in one day would be impossible.  Thanks for your understanding.

Welcome to Spotlight on Lyme QCA’s site!!

We are a non-profit organization that provides support and education to Lyme Disease sufferers and their families. The organization also strives to raise awareness of the disease within the community and medical field.

We hope that this site can serve as a place where individuals can go to learn more about us and what we are hoping to accomplish in the community, as well as receive support.

As Lyme sufferers know, it can be overwhelming navigating this journey.  Our goal is to help get the word out so that Lyme is recognized and therefore those with Lyme can get the proper support and treatment.

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We wish you well in your journey with Lyme!