For Medical Providers: Free, evidence based CME program regarding Lyme Disease.

Guidelines on treatment: Evidence assessments and guideline recommendations in Lyme disease: the clinical management of known tick bites, erythema migrans rashes and persistent disease.

ILADS – International Lyme Associated Disease Society is a great resource of information. They believe like us that Lyme is easy to catch and hard to cure! There website offers a wealth of information.


Spotlight on Lyme Brochure:


You Tube – Dr. Alfred Miller has a series of four educational videos.  Dr. Miller is a retired Mayo trained Rheumatologist and Internist from San Antonio Texas.  He has done several Skype events with us and has also taken much of his time to speak to any physician I send his way.  We are extremely grateful for Dr. Millers dedication to helping us and educating the public!!

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Spotlight on Lyme QCA and our Lyme sufferers have seen first hand the problems with mainstream testing producing false negatives.  Therefore, we are a supporter of IGenex Laboratories.  IGenex testing contains more Lyme specific antibodies then mainstream testing.

We do highly recommend tick testing!!!  It is so much easier to test what pathogens are in the belly of a tick than we can in our bodies.  The 2 labs we recommend IF THE TICK IS ATTACHED are: Ticknology at  there is a fee but you can get your results as quick as 24 hours.  The other lab is Tick Report at  also a fee, with results in about 3 days.  IF THE TICK IS UNATTACHED, we recommend sending the tick to Bay Area Lyme Foundation at  They are a Non-profit doing great work tracking ticks.  This is a free service, however, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to get results, which is why we don’t recommend you send an attached it.

Unfortunately, the Department of Public Health does not have accurate reporting of Lyme Disease.  At Spotlight on Lyme QCA we feel it is very important for the Public to be aware as to what is taking place in their area.  CAPC, Companion Animal Parasite Council has a great interactive prevalence map.  If your Veterinarian uses ANTECH Diagnostics or IDEXX Laboratories then there results get published on the Prevalence map.  This really gives the Public more of an idea of the risk of ticks in their area.!!  Here are the links to Illinois and Iowa.

Bay Area Lyme Foundation is also a great resource of information.