HB 0889 Insurance Coverage for Tick-Borne Illness

In January 2019, HB 0889 was filed in the Illinois House of Representatives by State Rep. Dan Swanson. This legislation would mandate State regulated Insurance Companies to cover longer treatment for Tick Borne illness. Many people do not receive adequate treatment early on and that leaves them with long term health problems. Many insurance companies only allow 28 days of treatment and anything in excess of that is out of pocket. With the persistence of tick borne illness proven over and over by evidence based scientific studies, insurance companies sound cover those longer treatments prescribed by their provider.

Also currently insurance companies only cover CDC two-tier testing which has also been proven to be very insufficient and missing approximately 50% of those infected. This legislation would mandate State regulated insurance companies to cover more testing.

Many that suffer from tick illness have to see specialized physicians that have an open mind on the complexities of these illnesses and see patients infected with them on a daily basis. Most of these providers do not accept insurance as they need the freedom to spend more time with their patients and not be dictated in their treatment plans. Being that they do not offer insurance, it does put a large financial burden on the families. This legislation would allow the patient to turn in those expenses to their insurance company and receive an out of network rate reimbursement.