Spotlight on Lyme QCA is a non-profit organization that provides support and education to Lyme Disease sufferers and their families. The organization also strives to raise awareness of the disease within the community and medical field.  Unfortunately, more and more people are being affected by tick-related illness in the Quad City area.  We are receiving calls almost daily for advise on what to do.  We spend a lot of our time outdoors – hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, mushroom hunting, golfing, gardening among many other activities.  Our children are at the greatest risk. They are playing sports on the grass, playing in leaves and climbing trees.  Knowing how to protect our loved ones is a necessity.  Prevention is the key!!

We have made it our mission to educate as many doctors as we can.  We hold informational meetings for physicians to give them the most up to date information we have available.  We skype directly with experts who are in endemic areas to get our area physicians the best knowledge and education.  Doctors learn about the problems with testing and how it takes your body 4 to 6 weeks to build antibodies making testing irrelevant and how Lyme mimics so many other diseases.  Lyme Disease is a clinical diagnosis and should not be based on testing.  Lyme Spirochetes’ have a 26-28 life cycle.  In an acute infection, antibiotics must be prescribed long enough to get through a couple life cycles.  The recommendation by ILADS (International Lyme Associated Disease Society) is a minimum of  8 weeks of antibiotics, anything less than that you have approximately a 40% relapse rate.

Recently, the CDC listed Illinois and Iowa as 2 of the new watch states for this rising epidemic.  We are already seeing the need to expand our support availability to our Lyme sufferers. Statistics show that coming together with people who are going through the same thing are more beneficial for the healing process.  So, we now have three monthly support group meeting locations!!    Each meeting has at least half of the time reserved for education.  All meetings are from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

  1. Genesis Medical Center – 409 NW 9th Avenue, Aledo, IL
  2. Unity Point Hospital – Trinity 7th Street, Moline, IL

We also have 2 Facebook pages…Our public site is Spotlight on Lyme QCA News and our private site for our Lyme sufferers and family members to get support is Spotlight on Lyme QCA.

The toll that this disease takes on families both financially and emotionally is devastating.  We have worked really hard to educate our Legislators on what problems and hardships those families face in Illinois.

Spotlight on Lyme QCA has grown so much that we are now in the process of starting a new state-wide non profit, Illinois Lyme Association.  We are very excited!  Right now all donations are through our fiscal agent, Mercer Foundation for Health 409 NW Ninth Ave. Aledo, IL 61231 In Memo: Lyme QCA. 

Spotlight on Lyme QCA and Illinois Lyme Association are currently working with the University of  Illinois – Natural History Survey on tick pathogen testing and can’t wait for that study to come out.

We are an organization made up of volunteers who are passionate about this cause.  Spotlight on Lyme QCA can accept charitable contributions through our fiscal agent the Mercer Foundation for Health.  Your donations are essential in supporting our efforts. All donations are tax deductible through the Mercer Foundation for Health 501(c) 3. Donations to: Mercer Foundation for Health 409 NW Ninth Ave. Aledo, IL 61231 In Memo: Spotlight on Lyme QCA. We thank you for all your support, big or small, your donation makes a huge difference in our community!!

God Bless,

Jennifer, and Lauryn