The week of July 23rd, Jen and Sarah Wessels were busy traveling around State Rep Dan Swanson’s district to his Veteran and Senior Resource Fairs.   First stop was Geneseo, then Aledo, Knoxville and Bureau County.  We talked to a lot of people that knew people with Lyme.  We also showed them how to properly apply Permethrin to their clothes, and talked about prevalence in the different areas.

It was a great week!!!  Met some fabulous people.

Always trying to raise awareness!!

We are super excited about our meeting last week!!!  IL State Representative Dan Swanson and Jen went to University of Illinois to meet with Professor Brian Allan, Dept. of Entomology, School of Integrative Biology.  The intention of our meeting was to get Spotlight on Lyme QCA and our scientists on the same page and open the lines of communication as to how we can better work together.  Professor Allan is working on great things. His work will finally put to rest the long argument that “there is no Lyme in Illinois”.  Can’t wait for his study to be completed and published.

Professor Allan demonstrated his state of the art equipment that he uses to test the ticks for pathogens!  It was a very educational day and a day of bouncing ideas around!!

I am so grateful for Representative Swanson taking time out of his day and joining me!  I couldn’t do any of this without his support to our cause and those that suffer.