We are super excited to announce out UPCOMING Guest Speakers for 2018.  Dates have no yet been set so check back!!

In Person:

Kathy Devine, CNM, ARNP – Kathy is a Board Certified Nurse Midwife and Board eligible in Functional medicine.  Kathy will be taking her board exam in 2018.

Dr. Roberta Van Zant, DO – Dr. Van Zant is a Functional Medicine Doctor and LLMD

IGeneX – He gave such a wonderful presentation, Bob is coming back!!

Jon Robert from Life Vessel

By Skype:

Dr. Steven Phillips and Dana Parish – These two need no introduction…they are working tirelessly to bring awareness to the country.  The good, bad and the ugly!  We are super excited that they have agreed to take time out of their busy schedule and Skype with us. for a Q & A Session!!!!

The Hog Raffle was supposed to be tonight – we have postponed it to tomorrow night.  We are still trying to collect tickets and money from all those who have sold.  Also, we thought it would be fun to let 2 of our little Lyme Warriors do the drawing themselves.  So tomorrow night at our regular Lyme Support Meeting, Lauryn and Violet will do the drawing and we will do it on Facebook Live.  I apologize for the day delay but we had a lot of people sell tickets and getting to everyone in one day would be impossible.  Thanks for your understanding.