On February 12, 2018 our Lyme Bill #4515 was officially filed!!!  This Bill will help protect physicians that are willing to treat those suffering.  Also, will help those just bitten get the proper treatment needed to get past the lifecycle of the Lyme bacteria.

We are very excited for this opportunity to help others not have to suffer searching and searching for treatment.!!  Thank you Representative Dan Swanson for believing in our Lauryn!!!

Shannon White, DC from Chiropractic in Motion, West Des Moines will be coming to Shipman Chiropractic in Bettendorf, IA on February 27, 2018.  Time to be announced..  Dr. White is a Chiropractor, Homeopathic and Acupuncturist who has treated many patients with Lyme Disease.  She will be sharing her protocol that she has seen success with, includes Homeopathy, herbs and DesBio treatment.  If Dr. White gets enough people interested in our area, she is willing to travel here to see patients.  Please come join us to hear Dr. Shannon!

What a great meeting with Senator Neil Anderson!!  We talked about the issues us Lymies face and brainstorming how we can make changes.  We even snuck in a little taking a bite out of lyme!!.  We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are determined!  Thank you Senator for your support as we work together to find a solution through careful research and planning.  What a FUN day!!!

We are super excited to announce that LabCorp has officially become new partners with Shipman Chiropractic and Spotlight on Lyme QCA.  We are using our knowledge to educate them on our concerns and needs as Lyme sufferers.  Lauryn and Autumn, our Lyme Warriors, will be making a trip to tour their lab to further discuss our needs for more accurate testing.  We are super excited to have them on board.

We are selling lots of items to help raise money for Lyme Testing Scholarships!! T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Bracelets, and bath bombs!! We understand that PROPER Lyme testing can be expensive. We want to try to offer help to those that are in need! We will have forms at the meetings. Also, I know some of you want bracelets to show support of your loved one. I will order a few “Someone I Love” bracelets for you if you would like. Thank you for all your support as we continue to try to search out ideas and ways to help others.!!